2018 Summer Camps

Park Cities Camps - 9:00am - 2:00pm


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Creative Computing with Scratch

Get up and coding fast while building a great foundation for learning programming languages! This camp features analog logic games and guided exploration of MIT’s Scratch program. Beginners will learn about the Scratch interface while making their first working products; specific challenges for more experienced campers will grow their exposure and launch them into next level coding (we will meet all learners “where they are,” so we gladly dabble in HTML, Python, JavaScript, and other languages for children who are able and interested). We will even offer some experiences in robotics, VR, art, and/or electronics during breaks in this week. (Click here for dates or to book now.)


Fun with Coding for Circuit Boards

This hands-on camp will feature the BBC micro:bit hardware, Circuit Playground boards and Microsoft MakeCode software and Makey Makey Invention Kits for use with the popular Scratch Programming Language. The micro:bit is a tiny computer that offers kids an opportunity learn electronics, coding, and prototyping. The Makey Makey is a fun circuit board that lets curious campers make household items into working computer keys. Circuit Playground boards combine the capabilities of these two boards and offer even more potential because of the many sensors they incorporate. (Click here for dates or to book now.)


Thinking About Design Camp

This camp features five days of creative thinking, learning new skills, then bringing ideas to life. Choose one track, or try them all: 3D Printing, Graphic Design, Stop-motion Animation, Sewable/Wearable technology, making with textiles, and more. Come with your own ideas, or use our daily brainstorm session to inspire the things you'll make and do at camp. This camp is okay for students who have no experience, and for those who have some exposure to design software and/or concepts. (Click here for dates or to book now.)


Electronics for Makers

Circuits power everything! And in this camp, young learners can experience key concepts and components that offer electricity to toys, household items, and the larger world. Campers with prior exposure to electronics will take circuitry to the next level with open access to all our equipment and components! Learners will get to solder and repair short circuits and broken connections. Camp includes lots of take home circuit board projects and opportunities for adding light, movement, and sound to handmade creations.  We provide everything, but campers are welcome to bring their own toys and broken electronics from home for exploration at camp. (Click here for dates or to book now.)


STEAM Camps/Camp Days

Delve into all things STEM with electronics, coding, maker projects, drone control, math challenges, design thinking activities, and more. (Click here for July 4th STEAM days or here for the week-long STEAM Camp.)


Video Game Creators

This fun camp is for video game players who want to turn into game makers. Camp will feature coding and game design in Scratch, Unity 3D, and (for more advanced coders) JavaScript in different code editors. In our free time, we will play Atari, Nintendo, xBox and Playstation classics, too. (Click here for dates or to book now.)


Drones for Days

Campers will use their brains to problem solve, code, and learn how computers “think” while controlling multiple types of robots and drones in fun daily labs. In the latter part of each day, we’ll even build and solder our own robot drones that students can take home for continued fun and learning. (Click here for dates or to book now.)