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Techie Factory is the go-to after school tech enrichment center in Dallas!
Our programs are limited to small class sizes and designed to inspire creativity, teamwork, problem solving and a growth mindset- all while having fun and making new friends!


A few facts about our after school labs -

  • We make learning fun and every lesson is customized to meet learners "where they are" on the learning curve
  • Students can enroll in a lab they have taken before and will not repeat any content. Instead, they will be challenged to further their knowledge of the subject matter with advanced activities
  • Join a class at anytime - does not have to be at the start of the semester
  • Each after school lab is comprised of 14 classes starting on September 2nd. 
  • Want to take 2 or more classes? Get a 10% discount! Multi Child Discounts.
Any questions? No problem - just give us a call at 214-614-8166 or email us at
Tryouts for our eSports competition squads will take place soon. 

Fall 2019 Offerings:

Junior Techies Recommended Ages: 3-5 
Each week, tiny techies will learn the basics of computer coding and technology! Your child will start by learning with concrete objects in active, hands-on lessons using things like Lego's, Kinetic Sand, and Makey Makey. They will practice by playing games with a partner and in small groups, then begin using technology independently. In 14 weeks, your Junior Techie will use critical thinking skills as they learn to use drag and drop code! Tuesday 10:00-11:00
Intro to Coding Recommended Ages: 6-12  
This course is perfect for Junior Techies who are ready for a new challenge. Techies will use Blockly to program tiny robots, play games, and navigate obstacle courses. Each lesson gives your child the opportunity to grow as a digital creator using skills for science, tech, engineering, and math! Tuesday 3:45-4:45
Girls That Create Recommended Ages: 6-12  
Girls are fantastic problem solvers, team players, and designers. Yet fewer than 1 in 5 computer science graduates are women. Girls at Techie Factory are joining the movement to change that! In 15 weeks, girls will create projects in animation, coding, robotics, 3D modeling, and design. Each lesson will start with a team building exercise and end with time for girls to work on designs independently. Monday 3:45-4:45
Lego Engineering Recommended Ages: 6-10  
Ready for your future engineer to build more than the next Star Wars kit? At Techie Factory, kids will use LEGO bricks and intuitive block-based coding to create and code bots of their own design. Techies will work in pairs and teams, using kits with over 500 pieces, to test, analyze, evaluate, and practice STEM skills they’ll need for 21st century. Thursday 3:45-4:45
YouTube Creators Recommended Ages: 8-13  
Techies will work as their very own film director, producer, writer, actor, and editor to make short-length movies from pre-production to post. Lessons include sound effects, video editing and effects. Each techie will create a private YouTube channel to show your parents and friends! Monday 5:00-6:00
Animation Recommended Ages: 8-14 
Calling all storytellers, artists, and movie buffs! Want to tell your own stories, but not sure where to get started? Come learn the basics of straight forward animation, stop-motion photography, and digital design. Techies will learn how to create a story-board, develop a character, and work on short films using the digital medium of their choice. Thursday 5:00-6:00
Coding in Minecraft Recommended Ages: 8-12 
In Minecraft, players build. At Techie Factory, techies code. When techies play Minecraft, they will learn to use code in the game as they build the world around them. By using code, techies test, analyze, evaluate, and troubleshoot while they play! Wednesday 5:00-6:00
DJ / Music Theory Recommended Ages: 8-15  
Do you want to be the next Marshmello or Martin Garrix? From loops to cue points to mixing in key, Techies will learn how to mix songs together and create a set. They'll also learn basic music composition. All using a vast library of songs so that they can mix whatever they like! Tuesday 5:00-6:00
Intermediate Coding in Python Recomended Ages: 7-14
This course provides Techies with basic understanding of coding concepts. Through the application of Python, students will learn essential foundational coding skills. Coding 101 not required but some sort of coding in Scratch or other block coding is helpful. Monday 6:15-7:15 
Video Game Makers Recomended for Ages: 8-14
Why play video games all day when your child can learn so much by making one! This camp integrates fundamentals of coding, graphic design, math, STEAM, and design into a student-centered project that combines imagination, creativity, teamwork and problem solving skills as they design their own video game. Kids will program using GameMaker software. Tuesday 6:15-7:15
eSports Training Squad Recomended for Ages 8-16
The Training Squad will be honing their gaming skills every Saturday. Our Coaches from the nationally ranked UTD eSports team will be working on specific in-game skills, teamwork, strategy, and more to improve every members ability with the hope that they will have the opportunity to move up to one of our competitive teams. Saturday 11:00-1:00

Select Teams

eSports-Wednesdays & Saturdays

Mindstorms Lego League-Wednesday 3:45-4:45


Adult Options

Blogging Incubator(Mom blog)-Monday 10:00-11:30

Are you looking for a creative outlet? Have you considered blogging, but have no idea where to start? Did you start a blog, only to watch it languish online because its upkeep was just too much? Through this course you will:

  • Meet weekly with a knowledgeable facilitator and other members of their class
  • Have access to talks, materials and experts to learn about the different layers of blogging
  • Be invited to a supportive members only Facebook group that will continue after in-person meetings come to a close
  • Learn healthy tactics on balancing a blog and the demands of everyday life