Gift Cards

As you continue to figure out what you're going to do with your kiddos this summer we thank you for your interest in supporting Techie Factory by purchasing a gift card. Use code 50GIFTC to save $50 off our $399 Summer Camp gift card or GIFTC20 to save $20 off our $200 gift card.




Summer Plans


Regular Camps

Our current plan is to have much smaller camps at Techie Factory each week. Instead of our usual 12-16 campers in-house we will probably do 8-10. These camps will fill up quickly once folks get out and somewhat back to business as usual. 


Virtual Camps

We are anticipating having one or two virtual 4-5 hour camps a week. A schedule of these will be available soon. 


Afternoon Drop In Hours In-Person/Virtually

We will be offering multi visit hour long punch cards which can be used from 3:30-6:30 each weekday.