Holiday Camps


  3 Day Thanksgiving eSports Camp, November 25-27 
Have your kids been clamoring to improve their gaming skills? Take advantage of this three-day camp where our coaches will help students work on specific in-game skills, teamwork, strategy, and much more. Their future opponents won't know what hit them. They'll be so thankful they'll probably do the dishes for the whole vacation! Aftercare is available from 3:30-5:00 for an additional $75.
Two-Day Robotics Camp, December 26-27
Who are DASH and SPHERO? They are the robots taking center stage at this exciting holiday camp. 
Students not only practice coding, they will also work on collaboration and creative problem solving. 
Send your kiddos over to get these robots moving. Great for beginner and advanced coders.   
Two-Day All Things Tech Camp, December 30-31
We love all things technology (after all Techie is in our name). 
Let your kids spend a couple of days with us writing code and working with a variety of tech.
Their minds will thank you for it. 

Two-Day YouTube Creator Camp, Jan 2-3
Do your kiddos want to understand the ins and outs of YouTube videos and YouTube channels? 
Send them to this camp where we’ll teach them how to create a channel of their own (with privacy) and short-length video. 
What a wonderful surprise to share with loved ones over the holiday!