Birthday Parties that are FUN and INSPIRING!

Why have the party at your house and then face a massive clean up afterwards?
Have your party at Techie Factory - we supply all the cool gadgets and games - then we clean it up too! 

Techie Factory offers tech-tastic Birthday Party packages for all ages on weekends throughout the year!

We have many birthday party themes to choose from - 

Pokémon – watch kids minds get blown when they play Pokemon board games and Pokken Tournament on the Nintendo Switch. They can also bring their own cards to trade and play!
Robot Jousting – build armor and a sword then program your robot to battle!
Ultimate Video Game Party – better than a game truck! Roblox, Minecraft, Madden, NBA2K, Mario Cart, and more! 


Birthday Package - $395

Each party is for 15 guests and lasts two hours starting with the play activity for ninety minutes, followed by serving of any food, drinks, and cake you provide for thirty minutes. We provide the location, technology, and a personal associate to assist party guests in their activity and help serve any food or drinks.   

Add OnsGoodie Bags - 14 bags for $120

Call (214) 614-8166 to book your party or for more information